In-Home Euthanasia

Compassionate care is at the core of what we do. When pet parents choose euthanasia services with Gentle Journey, they are choosing a loving, gentle, beautiful, and graceful goodbye for their pet. We will help you navigate the end-of-life journey with compassion and grace.

Although we mostly see dogs and cats, our veterinarians can assist you with other species such as guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and other small mammals. We may be able to assist you with chickens, goats, and ducks under 100 lbs. We do not provide care for any other hobby farm pets, exotic birds, fish, or reptiles.

When it is time to say goodbye, we try to make this last day the best it can be, whether that means staying at home snuggling on the couch, curling up in a loved one’s lap, or heading outdoors to your pet’s happy place. Gentle Journey helps families let their pets move on with dignity, grace, and peace to a place that holds no tears — only beautiful memories. 

If you decide you would rather not be at home for the euthanasia, but also do not want to go into a veterinary hospital, we have several other options. We can help your pet in a favorite spot outdoors such as your backyard, a local lake, or a public park. We also have an option for a home-away-from-home space with a living room-like area at our cremation service office in Apex.

Included Services & Keepsakes:

  • Sedation to support a peaceful passing
  • Gentle euthanasia
  • Pawprint keepsake
  • Lock of fur in container
  • Pet loss support materials
  • Aftercare services, if needed

You may personalize the visit as you wish. We will provide a clay pawprint and a clipping of fur if you would like. You are welcome to invite other family members, friends, or children if you and they wish. Other pets may also be present if they can be respectful of the companion we are helping.  Since we are usually at your home, family members may leave the room at any point and come back as they feel comfortable. Some families may wish to be at home but not present for the entire appointment. We can sedate your pet in your home and then, after they fall asleep, you can go to another part of the home as they receive the final medicine. This is often a good choice for children who are not sure if they want to remain for the entire appointment — it gives them the option to come and go as they please at any point during our visit within the safety and comfort of their home. 

Please think about what would make this process most comforting, like special foods and treats for your pet, a special blanket, bed, or toy. You can personalize the goodbye as you wish: music and candles indoors or outside by the fire pit, a verse, poem, or prayer you would like to read, maintaining a peaceful space of honor, or telling stories of your pet’s life and giving all of the treats! You may also wish to have ink pads and paper on hand to make ink paw prints, nose prints, or anything else to make this goodbye more meaningful. We will also do a clay pawprint and take a clipping of fur if you would like.

We will take your beloved pet with us after the euthanasia if you elect for us to handle aftercare. We have baskets and stretchers with blankets to carefully transport them in a loving manner. 

  • Euthanasia pricing: $290
Gentle Journey’s Pet Memorial Pawprints and Fur Clipping

Gentle Journey’s Pet Memorial
Pawprints & Fur Clipping

Gentle Journey’s Pet Memorial Pawprints and Fur Clipping

Pet Loss Booklet

Appointment Information:

A Gentle Journey veterinarian will arrive at your home for the in-home euthanasia appointment. We don’t wear lab coats or scrubs; instead, we bring the warmth and compassion that guide us in this profound work.

During the appointment, our veterinarian will guide you through the entire euthanasia process, tailoring the discussion to your comfort level. All family members, including children, are welcome, as are other pets if you feel comfortable with those choices. It will not disturb the peaceful atmosphere we strive for. We encourage you to ask any questions to help ease your mind.

Our veterinarian will begin by sedating your pet by giving a small injection under the skin. Most animals do not feel the sedative, although some might experience a tiny pinch. Your pet can be enjoying any sort of delicious food or treats, or loving touches if they are no longer interested in eating. Shortly, your pet will fall into a deep and pain-free sleep.

While we encourage you to stay with your pet, showering them with love and reassurance throughout the process, we understand if you want to leave the room after saying your goodbyes. The benefit of being at home is you can be free to be you.

As your pet falls asleep, you might notice some of the following:

  • Twitching of the legs or ears
  • Open eyes
  • Deep or quickening breath

These physical reactions are no cause for alarm. Afterward, our doctor will gently confirm that your pet is at peace.

The doctor will go out to her vehicle afterward to allow you to say a private goodbye while she readies herself to transport your pet for aftercare. As a lasting keepsake, once your pet is sedated, the doctor will provide a clay paw print and a clipping of fur if you wish.

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